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Prep Angel


15+ hrs per week | $15-$18 based on experience | Employee with DayoSense Benefits

or Vendor Hire for Sanitation Company


Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values and mission of DayoSense

  • Collect used Kitchenware, guests Formal Ware, and Catering Equipment

  • Load and unload dishwashing machine

  • Wash specific items by hand to assure ultimate cleanliness and sanitation (e.g. Large pots, chaffing food inserts)

  • Store clean kitchenware, formal ware, and equipment appropriately

  • Sweep and mop Kitchen and Annex floors

  • Maintain cleaning supplies stock (e.g. detergents, sponges) and place orders when necessary

  • Wash and Fold towels and Linen when needed

  • Remove garbage and recycling regularly

  • Wipe down all sinks, fridges, and ovens

  • Clean Bathroom

  • Sanitation Services may be needed on Job Site


  • Ability to learn quickly

  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions and request clarification when needed

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work efficiently by them self

  • Attention to detail and sanitation rules

  • Availability to work in shifts, weekday evening, some weekends

  • Authentic Joy around cleaning, cleanliness, and organization

  • Time management skills

  • Work experience as a Dishwasher, Janitor, Cleaner, or Housekeeper a plus

  • Ability to stand for more than 2hrs

  • Ability to carry 30+ lbs

About Dayo Sense

Chef Dayo (pronounced “Dah-yo”, which means Joy Arrives) Edwards was inspired to create DayoSense “Dah-yo-sense” in 2005. DayoSense is where Joy and Excellence are the main ingredients within our full-service Catering, our Black Love Seasoning Product Line, and our Kwanzaa Campus (which is the DayoSense Headquarters and Private Event/Meeting Space). DayoSense brings to the table a wealth of wisdom and knowledge in-action through well trained Staff and the hiring of other Small/Micro Community Businesses who hold the same values of Excellence and Joy.

We proudly hire and have a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and youth. We invest in Purpose and Passions which taps into true Joy. Lots of opportunities to grow with DayoSense, from a server to manager to Vendor!

Please send all inquiries regarding the position to

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